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Used Foundry Networks Superstore

Used Foundry Networks Equipment sells Used Foundry Networks including Foundry high-performance load balancers, Foundry edge and backbone Ethernet switches, Foundry Jetcore, Foundry security, Foundry workgroup switches, Foundry Fastirons, Foundry BigIrons, and Foundry application traffic managers.

Used Foundry - Saving You Thousands.

Used Foundry And Savings

We sell used Foundry to save you both time and money. We are a global company that operates in 208 countries globally. Looking for Foundry Networks Load Balancers, The Used Foundry Networks Superstore is the right place. With used Foundry wireline and wireless network equipment, you will be able to support advanced data, voice, and video applications on secure, resilient, and manageable network infrastructures.

Foundry's architectures include the following:

  • FastIron family of Layer 2 /  Layer 3 LAN switches,
  • BigIron Layer 3 switches,
  • NetIron metro routers,
  • ServerIron family of Layer 4-7 Web traffic management switches,
  • SecureIron security traffic manager switches,
  • EdgeIron midrange Layer 2 switches,
  • IronPoint Mobility Series,
  • IronView Network manager (INM) system.

Foundry networks' interfaces range from 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), to OC-3/SDH ATM and OC-3/STM1, OC-12/STM4, and OC-48/STM16 Packet Over SONET/SDH.

Use Cost Effective Used Foundry Networking Equipment And Increase Your Network Budget.

Lower your operations costs by trading-in your old network equipment for newer used network equipoment or refurbished network equipment without leaving your place of work!

Increase your profits by implementing used Foundry: Used Foundry ServerIrons, Used Foundry BigIrons, Used Foundry IronPoints, Used Foundry NetIrons, Used Foundry SecureIrons, and Used Foundry EdgeIrons. Used Foundry network equipment is fully tested, reliable, and durable.

Why Purchase From Used Foundry Networks? Many Reasons.

Used Foundry Networks will provide you with incredible savings on preowned Foundry Networks equipment! We're a Foundry hardware provider for used and refurbished Foundry Network switches, routers, and web traffic management solutions. We are one of the largest and most widely trusted and used resource for network equipment. We not only have the lowest rates in the used network equipment industry, but we provide FREE ONE-YEAR WARRANTIES too! Also, for our partner company can assist with used cisco requests and used network equipment - Knowledgeable Consultants, and Excellent Customer Service.

Luxury Hotels That Use Brocade Foundry network equipment

Outstanding Customer Service At Used Foundry Networks

We take pleasure in how we care for and treat our customers. Please call and speak to one of our Account Managers to let them know what your networking needs are. Perhaps there are other solutions that you have not even thought of yet - in the Used Foundry line of products.

We are focused on you, our customer, and your network success. We have a remarkable record of leadership, trustworthiness, and honesty in the used network equipment industry. Our focus is on serving our customers and their network needs - in the Data Center, Colocation, or at your business site. Brocade, a leader in network switches, purchased Foundry Networks in 2008. Since then, Used Foundry Networks Is The Premier Choice of businesses for Foundry Networks prior to 2008 - and we have been a Brocade Channel Partner for years, so we can save you tons of money on New Brocade.

Since our beginning, we have remained true to our commitment by creating, delivering, and supporting innovative, highly reliable Used Foundry network solutions that serve our customers' network needs today. 

We have tons of "used Foundry" network equipment and "refurbished Foundry" in stock and want to sell it to you. Make sure to take advantage of our surplus Foundry stock on-hand.

Email us at:

Enjoy the Benefits of Used Foundry Networks

We accept Foundry network equipment on consignment, and just about any other network equipment product line. We also accept Foundry trade-ins! Just give us a call, and we will tell you how to go about it. There's more: We have a Foundry Rewards Program. Just call 1-800-908-9665 and ask for the details!

Looking for a Quick Used Foundry Solution?

If you are looking for quick Foundry solutions to your enterprise network, you are at the right place. Since we stock large quantities of used Foundry network hardware in our warehouses, we can get you what you need without waiting and waiting. Overnight shipping is also available: we can do that too!


Used Foundry FES9604

[Used Foundry
FastIron Edge Switch

In Stock

Used Foundry BIMG8-AC-Bundle

Used Foundry
#BIMG8-AC Bundle

In Stock
Call for best price today.

Used Foundry FCSLB8

Used Foundry

Product Description:
ServerIron XL/8, 8-Port 10/100Base-TX, 400 MHz Processor, 32MB DRAM

In Stock

Used Foundry FastIron # FI2GM

Used Brocade Foundry (FI2GM)

Part # FI12GM
Used Foundry
FastIron Module


Used Foundry BigIron # B8G

Part # B8G
Used Foundry
BigIron 8-Port Gigabit Module


Used Foundry B4000 Chassis

Part # B4000 Chassis
Used Foundry
BigIron Chassis


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